I’ve just been meandering through the pages of youtube and was watching bits and pieces from the first season of Make Me A Supermodel in the U.S. It looks like a lot of the photoshoot and runway themes and challenges were copied by the Aussie version from this U.S. one but not quite as well.

This video is a collection of shoots and runway segments by Ronnie, the gay guy in this series. He’s a hottie for sure and from what I’ve seen the rest of the models in the house seem to be quite at ease with his sexuality, with one of the guys even steaming it up with him for a practice before a photoshoot.

There was a gay guy in the Aussie version but no mention of his sexuality was ever made even though it was quite obvious, even down to the copy of DNA magazine on the coffee table in one of the early episodes. I’m not sure why he was so coy about it. Gay men have a pretty positive history in their portrayal on Australian reality tv.