Several years ago there was a feminist book written called The Beauty Myth. Last night I got to thinking about the Beauty Curse. I was at Frisky dance party last night and it was full of hot men, seemingly a higher than average percentage, including one of the guys in our group.

This guy is totally my type, 6’4″ with a beautiful smile, great sense of humour, sparkly blue eyes and a body to DIE for, yet there he was watching all these beautiful guys walk past and sulking that they were all way out of his league. Turns out this guy doesn’t cope with compliments at all and has zero confidence. He’s not the first guy I’ve known like this and I’ve been thinking about the pressures of living up to being beautiful.

There are guys we all know who are beautiful and who know it and use and abuse that privelege but are there others who crumble under the pressure of it. Maybe some hate the attention it brings them because they know they have more to offer and are sick of being seen as just a pretty face.

Whatever the reason, the guy in our group is stunning but has no idea. I’ve been crushing on him for a few weeks now and in my altered state last night I didn’t really enjoy seeing him ending up pashing some other guy I’ve met and don’t like. But for once that, and the beautiful men didn’t intimidate me, I just took myself off to dance somewhere else and enjoy the views!

Update: The guy in question is aware that I find him completely attractive but he’s not long out of a 7 year relationship and in my experience, that doesn’t make a good dating prospect. I’m sure we’ll be getting to know each other and maybe see where it goes.

Update #2: Apologies, to the commenter who called me out on calling someone hideous. You are right, I have no right to do so. I was upset and probably still a bit trashy when I wrote that. I know I probably still need more therapy but budgets won’t allow for it at the moment. Nor have I ever said I’m A list stunning and I know for a fact that people find me hideous. The post has been updated to more accurately reflect what I feel and should have written.