They say that you should bring the new year in as you mean to continue. I’m a little sceptical about that as it means most people have a year of way too much alcohol and poorly judged sexual encounters.

For me, going on last night it does mean I’ll have great friends around me but it also means I’ll be watching people I’ve introduced hook up and I’ll be sleeping alone for the year. This may sound melodramatic but I don’t know how many more New Year’s I can ring in with no one special. It SUCKS and I’m over it. New Year’s Eve always brings me undone and last night it felt like counseling had done nothing for me at all, which isn’t the case. I allow myself to be pathetic and tragic on New Years and also that day ridiculously commercial but hard for singles, Valentines Day.

Oh well, let’s bring on the challenges of 2009! Happy New Year everyone.