Well it’s that time of the year, the end. Tonight I’m spending the evening with a bunch of good friends which will be lovely. It’s a very low key affair hopefully with glimpses of fireworks. There will be vodka aplenty, laughs galore hopefully some good hugs and just maybe a kiss at midnight.

A friend, who sadly won’t be with me tonight, has made me promise not to cry. I can’t guarantee that I’ll keep that promise. It’s become a little tradition to sneak off to a quiet corner somewhere and just have a quiet little cry to myself. Maybe this year it will be a bit different now that I’m feeling a bit better about where I am in life, although once again I’m spending New Year’s Eve without someone special which would be really nice. One day…

New Year’s Eve is the time to reflect on the successes and the good bits of the year and look forward to the year ahead, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing to reflect and possibly grieve a tiny bit for the mistakes and bad bits, just so you remember them and know what to do not to repeat them, not to dwell on them.

Thanks to everyone who has followed Aussielicious this year since the move to .com.au territory. I’ve got a few ideas about things I’d like to do with the blog in 2009 and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you, along with my meanderings through the next twelve months and where that might take me.

All the very best for the year ahead. Happy Nude New Year!