Today I had a couple of things to do in the city which is not a great thing two days before Christmas. Hoards of people doing last minute shopping but there are perks. While it’s the same stressed vibe of people panicking about what to get their loved ones, not having worked in the CBD for some time now I got to refresh my memory of what it’s like to have hot guys in suits walking around and unlike a Northern Hemisphere Christmas, it’s hot and sunny here and there are hot tourists and shoppers walking around in tank tops and shorts.

I saw a really sweet sight while waiting to meet up with a friend for lunch. The CBD of Sydney isn’t known to be somewhere you’ll see a lot of gay couples holding hands, but I saw two guys walking up the street, hand in hand before one of them stood for a photo outside Tiffany’s before they went in and had a look around.

Speaking of Tiffany’s, girls I think it’s a good thing to delay your partner buying you anything too early for Christmas. I watched DOZENS of guys walking in and coming out with presents in the signature turquoise bag. I figured when men don’t know what to get and are running out of time, it’s panic that sends them out for the expensive guaranteed winner, Tiffany jewellery.