After watching too many episodes of Sex and the City yesterday in my lethargic state a thought occurred to me. People always play that game, which one of the four characters are you? Friends have said I’m like Carrie because of this blog and the fun stuff it’s given me the chance to do, but I’m also as cynical as all hell which is a much more Miranda trait. I don’t get enough sex to be Sam but I’m not as uptight as Charlotte.

I sit and watch the show and at least every second episode there is something that gets me crying and I’ve always been a total romantic sap but throw in my cynicism and you have a strange contrast. Give me an example I hear you say. Here you go.

Take sleeping beauty for instance. If I stumbled across a beautiful princess asleep in the forest in a glass box, I’d be one of two things, one, looking around for the psycho nutbag that slipped her the rohypnol and put her in a box to asphyxiate or, two, the dickhead that slipped her the rohypnol in the first place so that I could tick her into thinking I saved her.

Rumplestilskin? Short man with power issues stealing a child equals pedophile.

Cinderella and her Prince Charming? They meet at a party wearing masks pretending to be someone else, they dance once and he stalks the entire city with her shoe. Codependent game players with a foot fetish anyone? Their son will end up a drag queen.

As cynical as I am, I’m still keeping an eye out on the off chance a gorgeous prince on a white horse rides up to my door.