Writing this sitting here yawning this morning I’m thinking about last night. I was sitting in Row 13 at the Kylie concert last night and loving every second of it and looking around the crowd when I realised that with this percentage of the gay population of Sydney in the room at least a good handful of ex-shags were probably there too. Indeed I even saw a few of them.

By Sydney’s standards I’m practically a virgin but I’m happy to admit I’ve had my slutty phases. There is a strange phenomenon in Sydney. It has a reputation for being a big gay ol’ town but it’s really quite small, the gay scene anyway, so the chances of running into ex-boyfriends and ex-shags is high. For some reason it’s acceptable to completely ignore someone in the street even if you’ve had your dick inside them or visa versa.

I can finally answer the question about the guy at the gym that I couldn’t figure out if he was gay or not. Well, I’m making an educated guess that a man that turns up to a Kylie concert with two other guys and no women… gay. That is a double edged sword. Yay, there’s a slight hope that I’d have a chance but now is he taken, not interested or shy?