Last night I found religion. I’d been caught up periodically before but last night I reaffirmed my faith along with thousands of others.

It had all the hallmarks of religion. Purple featured heavily in drapery, thousands of faithful making a pilgrimage to places not often ventured, and those same faithful being whipped into a delirious fervour at the hands of one charismatic leader. This was Kylie’s first concert in Australia in two years, the debut of her X 2008 tour on our shores after touring Europe, Asia, South America and New Zealand.

In my humble opinion, this is the kind of organised religion I could get into. Firstly there’s someone being worshipped who is real and there is evidence of their deeds. Jesus was real, I accept that, but really, I’m sceptical about the walking on water and loaves and fishes, whereas Kylie can jump sideways down stairs two at a time in stilettos and the smiles last night went further than any loaves and fishes were going to.

I’m led to believe that Kylie is releasing “Boombox”, a disc of remixes of hits, early next year, and a friend has also heard a rumour of an album of new material as well… but I’ll wait and see. In the mean time, I’m so enrapture by my new religion I’m going to mass again on Wednesday night and sitting MUCH closer! Yay.