Yesterday I raced from work to Aerialize to get ready for the first show. All in all I’d say it went pretty smoothly. The crowd ooh’d and aah’d in the right spots and there were no dramas. Well one of our class never showed up but we actually don’t care. Let’s call her Ms L. Ms L has been a bone of contention for all in the class including the teacher this term.

She’s always late by about half an hour, and when it came time to start putting our act together she was pushing for all the big tricks and more tricks and more time in the spotlight. Then she announces at the final rehearsal, the first one she hasn’t been late for, that she’ll be up the coast until 5pm yesterday. Where she was going is a good 2 hours away and on a stormy Friday night in traffic there was no way she was going to make it.

Our routine didn’t look too strange without her, we’d never pandered to her hunger for the spotlight. It just pissed a lot of people off and she’s being called today to be told not to bother turning up for the two shows today.

I’m on my first coffee this morning, soon to be followed by another one. Then it’s back to Aerialize at 12 to prepare for a 2pm and 8pm show. I promise I’ll post a bit tomorrow.