When two people are on the same page they get to read the adventures and drama of life along-side each other and find out how things will play out together. Sadly, I’m waiting to start the big romance novel of life but everyone I meet is finished the book and having a rest from the library for a bit.

Today’s non-date went as well as anything could have been anticipated except that there won’t be any happily ever after in this tale of two boys. Conversation flowed very easily, witty banter, general chit chat, all sorts of bits and pieces. We had a couple of beers at the pub, then went and played a bit of lawn bowls over a few more beers in the sunshine before a quick bite to eat. Not once did the conversation falter.

Sadly, even though to me, it felt really natural and comfortable and like there was a mutual attraction, nothing is to come of it because of his recent break up. So we have two options before us. We can get to know each other as friends or we could possibly become fuck buddies. I’m ruling out the fuck buddies thing but if we become friends and he finds himself ready to date, there is the risk that we’ll be too close as friends by then to think of dating, but that’s the option I’m taking. He’s a really nice, sweet, funny, cute, intriguing guy and I’m not going to throw away someone like that as a friend for a roll in the hay once in a while.

Timing really is everything.