Tomorrow I’m going on a non date and there is nearly as much to think about as going on a date-date. What does one wear on a non-date? Do you dress slightly less than to impress because you aren’t? Are you not-as-witty and charming as you would be on a date-date?

A couple of years ago there was lots of mutual checking-each-other-out at the gym of a morning with a guy who was there regularly. Last week, through mutual friends, he added me as a friend on face-book which is fast becoming the new gaydar/singles bar. It’s much easier with facebook, rather than asking your friends if you can have the number of their cute friend you met out, you just trawl through their list of friends and send a message or a friend request.

So we’ve been chatting back and forth for several days now and decided to catch up tomorrow for a drink. After more chatting to and fro, I half-jokingly asked if it was a date to which he replied that it’s not really a date because he’s only broken up with someone a few weeks ago and isn’t ready. There were other things said in the conversations to suggest that he’s kinda keen but we’re just treating it as a catch-up-and-finally-meet which will be fun. From the conversations we’ve had thus far I think we have a similar sense of humour so at the very least we’ll have a good laugh and a new friend.