Two friends of mine were up in Byron Bay a couple of weeks ago and spent an afternoon at the Tea Tree lakes just outside Byron. I’ve been there once before and it was beautiful, but they stumbled across a scene that I wish I’d been there to witness.

The tea tree lakes are beautiful small lakes in amongst some bushland and people regularly find a quiet spot and sunbathe nude and enjoy the atmosphere and I’m sure gay me and the not-quite-straight men enjoy other activities in the privacy of some bushes too.

My friends were walking around the lake when they saw about 9 guys all about 18-23 some in the water and some out of the water, all young, fit and nude. They were splashing each other, wrestling, swimming and just plain old frolicking. Then they all stood in the shallows and started painting each other’s bodies in the black mud that was at the bottom of the lake. Now, my friend is prone to a little exaggeration but he doesn’t just make stuff up. I can’t imagine 9 Sydney guys of that age or any age doing that, at least without it descending into a big ol’ gay orgy. These guys just painted each other, my friend stood trasfixed, watching and said they didn’t get orgiastic on each other and he doesn’t even know if they are gay. Sounds like a great bunch of guys!