I’ve been in two minds about posting this shot. A friend sent it to me yesterday and I was quite amazed. Prince William, future King of England was at a polo match recently and felt the call of nature. So he ducked behind a post to take a piss. Now as a man, I can understand that we all feel the need and the world is our toilet. We have that over women that without the need to sit down, we can pretty much go where we like. BUT, as the future head of the Monarchy of England and the Commonwealth, having grown up in the glare of paparazzi flash bulbs and seeing it kill your mother, surely you’d just assume that a camera would be watching EVERYTHING you do and go find a private toilet to use?

I admire him for obviously not caring but I’m actually suprised it wasn’t Harry. He seems to be the more fun of the two, but perhaps that comes from knowing you’ll probably never sit on the throne.

So, instead of posting the photo directly here on the front page, if you want to see Prince Willy’s willy, click here!