Hugh Jackman probably can’t get any hotter than he is right now. He’s just premiered the biggest Australian movie ever made to rave reviews and now he’s been voted the Sexiest Man Alive by people magazine in the U.S. By all reports he is an incredibly down to earth lovely guy, and hot as hell. I’ve seen him at my gym a couple of times in the past and a friend saw him working out at North Bondi Surf Club at 6am the morning after the world premiere of Australia. Now that takes some serious dedication.

It sure doesn’t hurt his appeal that he’s a dedicated family man who adores his wife and kids and is happy mixing it with us average people on Sydney’s beaches and not complaining about being harassed by the paparazzi. A girl in my office said she can see that he’s lovely and very hot but she just doesn’t really get the fuss, whereas I could die happy if I had a hubby like that. Imagine waking up on a lazy sunday morning to find that lying next to you… oh the bliss.