I’ve just walked in from my first public paid aerials gig. I had to take half a day off work to go to the technical rehearsal and then sit around for hours for the actual performance, both of which were later than planned, but that’s to be expected at these kind of functions.

The rehearsal was a bit of a disaster. One trick requires us to separate the two strands of fabric which I couldn’t separate at the time. The silks are new and sometimes they are even more easily tangled. So I had to skip a trick and just catch up at the next one. Thankfully the actual performance went off pretty smoothly.

We finished the routine with some spinning. That means we both had one hand in a hand loop and end up letting go of the actual silks and someone down the bottom spins the silks around and around. I didn’t quite do what I should have right at the end and my hand loop ended up tightly wound around the silks and I was almost stuck up there.

The funniest part of the show was our outfits. It was a corporate gig for a product launch. The product packaging is lime green and black, so we were in flourescent LIME GREEN Unitards. Look at the pictures above and picture those ensembles in lime green. Not cool in the slightest.