aussieBum were kind enough to let Andreas, the human package of aussieBum, answer a few simple questions for us. I kept them simple. Fingers crossed we’ll be able to do the same with some of their other models… I might ask to do Toby’s face to face, in my bathtub.

How does it feel to have an almost cult following amongst gay men who you’ve inspired to buy countless pairs of aussieBum?
I love the thought that I have inspired people . I think aussieBum has done an amazing job of constantly impressing with new innovations and great styles and I have been very fortunate in being able to be a part of the team.

Have you had people come up to you around town and in your Spin classes who know you because of your work with aussieBum?
I have had a couple of people ask me if I had done work for aussieBum. It feels great knowing that people remember and recognize the work you have put in. People both from Australia and overseas has commented on the campaigns that I have done. It makes me proud that I have been a part of something so unique as aussieBum.

We’ve seen you getting in and out of countless pairs of undies and swimmers, are you a boxers or briefs boy, a bathers or boardies guy?
One of the things I like with aussieBum is the variety. There is so many colors, styles and materials. I like to dress for my mood. In general I prefer a hipster in a soft material, Flaunt is still a favorite and for something more fun, there is the new GLO. If I go to the beach for pleasure I wear board shorts but swimmers if I know I am going to swim. So much choice and aussieBum offers it all!

Is that all over tan from makeup, solarium or natural sunshine?
I try to avoid solariums as much as possible. I have spray tans done if I think I need a bit more color. Nothing beats the Australian summer for that all over healthy brown glow. You know what they say – slip. Slop, slap! Bring it on!