It seems the last 24 hours has been full of little lessons for life for me. These aren’t life lessons that make people like Anthony Robbins rich and they aren’t featured anywhere in “The Secret” so I’m putting them out there for you all to take note.

When accepting an invitation to a lunch and a few drinks, make sure not to race your host to empty the glass he’s constantly trying to refill for you. It’s a race you will never win without catastrophic results.

When Mr L suggests a skinnydip, he just wants to see everyone’s doodles. Sure, he went swimming too, but he didn’t take his undies off. That’s called cheating.

The shortest distance between two points is not covered when Ivan has been filling your glass and you walk home. I’ll consider it my cardio for the week. I covered quite a bit of extra mileage.

Monday morning is not a great time to be hung over at work. It makes the start to the week very bumpy.

Counselling sessions aren’t nearly as effective when the therapist looks at you and says “we’ll just make it half an hour today” although that does clear up extra time to get the caffeine levels back up.

Don’t tricks that make you dizzy are ok, unless you are hung over and 7 metres off the ground, then they feel more than just a bit overly ambitious.

Here endeth my lessons for the day. I’m off to bed.