Not content with being in our underwear drawers and holding our boys in place, Aussiebum are launching a campaign on our eyes as well. A brand spanking new DVD is in production RIGHT NOW featuring a whole bunch of their behind the scenes segments, hot photoshoots and a bunch of hot hot boys not wearing much, if anything at all.

The DVD, as far as I know won’t be for sale, but will be distributed in a way yet to be confirmed. What I can tell you is that I’ve been lucky enough to see a preview copy. It’s about now that I should mention “The Vault”. Tucked away after “Play”, “Scene Selection” and “Image Gallery” is a hidden cave of treasures. There is a special password that you have to enter to see the delights inside and it’s not Abracadabra and nor am I allowed to share it with you. If I did, I think Sean would condemn me to a life of bad underwear from generic brand suppliers. Oh I just got a little sick at the thought. Once you get inside the Vault, I can attest it’s worth getting that finger ready for frame by frame viewing. Just a tip for new players.