I had a meeting after work yesterday that will not only result in me supplementing my income, but will also result in some very cool content for this blog and some great opportunities for me working with a company that I really respect and feel very enthusiastic about.

After the meeting I went and saw a play at Darlinghurst Theatre, called Blowing Whistles. It’s all about the demise of a ten year gay relationship when one partner enthusiastically and dishonestly embraces the open-ish nature of their relationship. The guy that plays the bit of trade that is the catalyst for the break up walks in and soon after comes back onto the stage completely naked. To say there were audible gasps would be an understatement. I’d say the actor is about 23 and surely owes someone some body fat. He was so ripped, like a lot of us were at that age, but had more muscle than I had at that age. A little blonde pocket rocket, he was beautiful. His character was supposed to be white trash, straight but bi curious and butch. That’s where it kinda fell down for me. He walked out naked, and while a beautiful sight, there aren’t many straight acting blokes who shave/wax their entire pubic region, and have a flawless, seamless spray/sunbed tan and blonde highlights.