As someone who has never known real discrimination I can only vaguely imagine the importance of Barack Obama becoming President today. In an ideal world, this will prove to any racists that if a black man can rule the free world, then surely we are all equal. That’s a romantic and idealised view, but one I’d love to see come to fruition.
What does this victory mean for the rest of the world? A world where the “Allies of the willing” aren’t bullied into going to war and losing lives that shouldn’t be lost, money that shouldn’t be spent.
There are things I wasn’t expecting to see in my lifetime, like the Berlin Wall coming down. Maybe it’s my ignorance and naivety, but a black man in the White House never seemed illogical to me. Let’s hope he leads the world into financial recovery, out of a war that isn’t going anywhere and into a much brighter future.
Congratulations President-elect Obama.