Three years ago today, I posted my first post on Aussielicious in it’s original incarnation. Very shortly after I started the public nudity challenge and things went crazy. Every since, this blog has been a labour of love with 2,222 posts, countless comments and emails, thousands of cocks, bums, boys and bits and pieces.
The response I’ve had from everyone from the far reaches of the planet has been amazing. While there has been some negative comments, by a very long way, the feedback, emails and comments has been overwhelmingly positive. People have bought me presents and said thank you in lots of ways, but for me the most satisfying and unexpected emails are the ones where people have said my little corner of the blogosphere has kept them entertained while going through cancer, helped them come to terms with their sexuality and inspired them to come out to their family! Incredible.

Aussielicious has also brought about some incredible experiences and opportunities for me. I’ve done a modelling shoot for Aussiebum, given a public talk about blogging at the Mardi Gras festival and interviewed some amazing people. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for myself and Aussielicious and it’s readers. Bring on another three years. Thank you all for being part of it and making it so much fun.