As we all know, the idea of being nude is a good one in my books, and nude sport, or at least watching nude sportsmen has always been an even better idea. Last night at aerials I may have proven to myself that it’s not at all a smart idea, no matter how visually appealing it might be.

We were learning a new trick that has to have been invented by a woman. There are many of these tricks in the reportoires of aerialists I’ve discovered but this one was the worst yet. If I’d been asked to try and father a child last night, I highly doubt it would have been at all possible.

There is a young guy in the class who is only 14 and is at a performing arts school. He’s a lovely kid but definitely a quirky kid. If he weren’t at an arts based school, I hazard a guess that he might be bullied. BUT, either the kid is wearing very un-supportive underwear or he’s doing rather well for himself at such a young age. Either way, a couple of us have noted that unless he is careful, it’s so “out there” that it is in danger of just being ripped off and it would be a shame to lose something obviously so large that I’m guessing has never been used by anyone else.