Finding the right pair of jeans has always been a dilemma for me. Years ago at the end of high school I was a loyal Levi 501 boy. Now, I’ve tried many different brands and most of them feel like they are up around my nipples somewhere. While trying not to look like someone desperately clinging to their long-gone youth, I also don’t want to be wearing the kind of jeans my father could wear.

I had a fantastic pair of Diesels that I bought about 5 years ago but they finally gave up the ghost about two years ago after intensive wearing, I just wore them out. I’ve had another pair of diesels that I bought on sale, because I just can’t justify that kind of money on jeans, but they were the ones that ripped recently and needed replacing. SO, I found a style that fits me really well, I like them, and, heaven forbid, they aren’t as expensive as my car, which isn’t as much of a stretch as it sounds. I had a pale wash pair of Lee L2’s, and today I bought the same style in a different colour. It’s such a personal thing with jeans, we wear them so much, they have to make you feel good or you are going out feeling less than your best.