I posted these photos ages ago on the old incarnation of Aussielicious but every now and then they end up in my email again from one of the yahoo groups I’m a member of. This time around they came with a bit of a discussion proposing that they were from an old William Higgins video. I’m a little sceptical given the very public nature of them that they were anything other than photos taken perhaps without consent.

I’m still trying to work out if the guys are brothers or not. The centre photo shows three young guys all with similar looks, and very similar colouring etc hanging out nude on the beach but with a few years spanning the three of them which suggests brothers to me. I really wish I’d been brought up in a nudist family. I would have been much more comfortable with my body and less prudish from a young age. Much healthier. How cool would it be to grow up hanging out naked with brothers? I don’t have any of those either.