Sean Ashby, co-founder of the hugely successful aussieBum brand is up for the title of GQ’s Entrepreneur Man of the Year. Sean is a man that saw a hole in the market, stepped up to fill it and then pushed the boundaries of his niche and built an iconic brand and a nice little earner for himself and also gave all us gay boys something to wear in front of the mirror for our profile photos.

Sean isn’t a man that is going to mince his words. No successful business person, especially one as successful as quickly as Sean, is going to hold back and hope success walks through the door. He’s pissed people off and people have pissed him off. The famous incident with Janice Botox Dickinson is a case in point, but two very strong personalities are always going to have their firey moments.

Sean does great things for people, sponsors all sorts of up and coming sports stars, takes unknown models and puts them on busses, taxis and billboards all over the world, not to mention desktop wallpapers (oh Toby…). It’s no secret that I love the brand. My drawer is overflowing with their stuff. No matter what you think of him, he’s a great entrepreneur… so go vote!