Modelicious – Rafaello Balzo

It’s Friday night and I’m tired after staring at dozens of photos of shoes today… so to finish my working week I bring you Rafaello Balzo. The eyes say come to bed, the hair says I’m not a follower, the body says let’s fuck, the lips say I can suck a golf ball through a hose and the jeans… well they say my stylist is a pile of shit.

Is Sean GQ’s entrepreneur of the year?

Sean Ashby, co-founder of the hugely successful aussieBum brand is up for the title of GQ’s Entrepreneur Man of the Year. Sean is a man that saw a hole in the market, stepped up to fill it and then pushed the boundaries of his niche and built an iconic brand and a nice little earner for himself and also gave all us gay boys something to wear in front of.. Read More

I’m on the Aussiebum site!!

Those lovely people over at aussieBum have put the video of my performance on their blog site Auslife! They are one of the sponsors of the Lifesavers with Pride float and supply us with all our swimming costumes for the parade, which I also wore for my routine. How cool!