End of season drunken holidays and victory celebration parties are the stuff of legend among football teams the world over, as are initiations and hazing. One thing that those rowdy straight boys all seem to do is dress up in drag and/or get nude at random places and times.

The Manly Sea Eagles won the NRL Grand Final here in Sydney last weekend and they have been partying hard in celebration. One of their players, David Williams seems to be hinting that maybe footy players aren’t all homophobic thugs after all. Nicknamed “Wolfman” (for reasons that are obvious looking at the tattoo and the pic of him furthest to the left) David, just a year ago was struggling to break through into the big leagues of the game. Hiding behind the beard on Sunday he scored one of the tries in the game and cemented his place in first grade football. During the celebrations David was photographed freshly shaved and looking at the pic on the right, shows he has firmly bonded with his team mates, well at least Anthony Watmough anyway.

Straight blokey footballers giving each other a kiss? Surely that would spark outrage with team mates? Apparently not looking at the reactions around them. Love it, and personally I think he’s damned sexy with the beard shaved off!