The announcement that the NSW state government is stepping up with funds to help keep the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras afloat has met with a backlash that suggests maybe Sydney isn’t the home of homo tolerance we’ve all been thinking it is.

This article contains quotes from NSW residents furious at the support of a cultural institution that brings MILLIONS to the economy every year. Not surprisingly the backlash has come from those older, conservative redneck folks that love a good talkback radio show to vent their bile.

Two of the best quotes for you…

“The next progression is to make homosexuality compulsory in NSW,” wrote Bill of Drummoyne. “I am livid and disgusted.” “What a nonsense,” complained Laurie. “Funding a freakshow yet cannot fund hospitals.” While one commenter has thoughtfully suggested a spot of hunting. “You have got to be dreaming if you think people in the country will put up with it. Forget poofter bashing, let’s go hunting!” said another.

I agree with the article when it suggests that this kind of homophobia only proves that events like Mardi Gras are still very relevant and necessary.