Modelicious goodness!

Now, just because that last post was depressing and scary, here’s a gorgeous man standing around looking pretty. It’s fitness model James Ellis shooting his calendar. Enjoy the creamy goodness! James Ellis 2009 Calendar Photo Shoot from Northern Digital on Vimeo.

Is Sydney really a gay mecca? Perhaps not.

The announcement that the NSW state government is stepping up with funds to help keep the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras afloat has met with a backlash that suggests maybe Sydney isn’t the home of homo tolerance we’ve all been thinking it is. This article contains quotes from NSW residents furious at the support of a cultural institution that brings MILLIONS to the economy every year. Not surprisingly the.. Read More

The evolution of footballers?

End of season drunken holidays and victory celebration parties are the stuff of legend among football teams the world over, as are initiations and hazing. One thing that those rowdy straight boys all seem to do is dress up in drag and/or get nude at random places and times. The Manly Sea Eagles won the NRL Grand Final here in Sydney last weekend and they have been partying hard in.. Read More

Matt awarded again

Our golden boy Matthew Mitcham was last night named joint winner of the “Don Award” Australia’s sporting hall of fame award. Pole vaulter Steve Hooker was the other recipient of the award. It’s a huge thing for a blokey sporting country like Australia to award a gay sportsman like this but at the same time it does go along with the attitude that as long as you are good at.. Read More