Sorry for the delay in posting this update for you all but I have been down at my parents place for my sisters’ and my own birthday family celebrations.

Friday night went well. I had a lovely dinner and drink with a friend who I’m hoping to see more of and get to know better before heading to the club for my performance. I was absolutely crapping myself with nerves by tat stage and couldn’t drink to help calm down. Finally the time came and all in all the performance went pretty well. It’s incredible the difference in how it feels to perform and how it looks to see it on video. I thought I was holding positions for longer than I obviously did. But that will all come with performance practice I guess/hope. The manager of the club, who I know a bit, came up and was stirring me about doing something wrong. I didn’t take a bow. You can see him spin me around and make me bow to the crowd at the end of the video. It was a bit confronting coming down and standing there in my aussieBum’s being faced by a wall of spectators! The video will be up shortly.