Those French rugby boys are BACK

WE finally have some stuff circulating from the 2009 Dieux Du Stade calendar. Check out this video from behind the scenes, especially around the 1:52 mark where, for fans of twins, there are nude twins, hugging! The 2009 Calendar is shot by Peter Lindbergh and they’ve gone back to simple setups in a return to the kind of imagery that made the 2004 version so famous. Love it. Extraits du.. Read More

Don’t forget the film festival

This is just a reminder for you all to get working on your Aussielicious Film Festival entries. We’ve only had one so far. You’ve got a month to get them in and I’m expecting some great ones, given the creativity I see out there in the blog world. It could be something like the one below, but maybe with a bit more storyline? Who knows, your interpretation of the word.. Read More

Hot models playing gay

The U.S. version of Make Me a Supermodel seems to have been so much cooler than our bland, undercooked stew of mediocrity. Sure Tyson was here for a bit but now we are left with episodes where nothing really seems to happen apart from a bunch of bitching and an average photoshoot. Why can’t they be like this. I wouldn’t mind seeing Rhys and Billy and Isaac getting down like.. Read More

A huge thank you!

A few weeks ago I had an email from a reader who was cleaning out his cupboards and found a special edition of Stern magazine. It’s a photographic portfolio of Bruce Weber from February 2005 that are either going for a sizeable chunk of cash on Amazon or just plain unavailable. He thought I’d appreciate it more than he would as he hadn’t looked at it in ages. It arrived.. Read More

There’s new Naughty Boys!

M’n’M over at Vilain Garcon have just released their new site and new range, photographed on a new naughty model by a new photographer. Head on over and check it out. The model is so damned sexy and ripped. YUM. I do love their stuff.