Nearly an hour ago Marco Dapper officially became the favourite DNA Coverboy of Aussielicious readers in the second Aussielicious Awards. Out of the 755 votes over the past week, Marco took 32% of them leading clearly from the outset.

Personally, Marco is a guy that is to be admired. Prior to his famous frontal nude scene in Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds, he freely admits he was a homophobe and had homophobic friends. Then as he pursued acting he decided to challenge his beliefs with the role of the bi-curious lust object of pretty much the rest of the cast. He lost friends over the role because they couldn’t understand how he could do it. You have to admire someone who challenges their perceptions of life so enthusiastically.

Marco was photographed for DNA’s issue number 86 by the Aussie-living-in-LA Lewis Payton who captured his stunning body beautifully, although with someone as hot and spectacularly put together as Marco, that wouldn’t be hard. Congratulations Marco on becoming the second Aussielicious Awards winner.