I woke up this morning and was just sorting out what to do with my day when my dearest friend in the world called asking what I was doing for lunch. So my plans to find a couple of things that I needed and some other bits and pieces that needed doing have just gone out the window. I’ve just spent a couple of hours with my friend who is going through some troubles in her marriage, so it was really nice to be able to just chat and hang out. She had her two young kids with her, so after a couple of hours of Miss 5 year old wildly fluctuating from being cute, to throwing a tantrum and back and forth I’m exhausted.

Fortunately I’ve got a free massage in an hour. We love that. Apparently by me letting him practice on me when he was studying massage I was doing him a favour and he owes me. I say, bring it on. If anyone else wants me to volunteer for such an arduous task, I’m very generous like that.

So no beach for me today. Don’t you just love this photo of Gay Porn tough guy Jake Deckhard playing in the sand innocently like a child? So sexy.