So beautiful

I’ve been an athletic and sporting person for my entire life. Dabbling in lots of sports, excelling in none but holding my own. Swimming has been the predominant one but there’s been tennis, rowing, gymnastics as well as rock climbing and other bits and pieces. One thing I’ve never done is have any formal dance lessons and watching So You Think You Can Dance is just so inspiring and beautiful… Read More

Have you voted?

Just a half way point reminder to you all to go here and vote for your favourite DNA Coverboy if you haven’t already. All five of them are spectacular examples of men and blinding evidence of discipline and good genetics. They are also just good old fashioned eye candy.

It’s coming, I can feel it

The weather is predicted to be fantastic this saturday and I’m going to be nude in that sunshine. It’s been way too long since I’ve felt the warming rays of the sun on my butt. I know there are a couple of regular readers that have seen me down at my favourite nudie beach, and I hope maybe this little blog has encouraged more people to get their gear off.. Read More