Now you can lick Matthew!

Matthew Mitcham, along with all of Australia’s Olympic Gold Medallists, is being commemorated on a limited release postage stamp.

Sadly, it doesn’t seem like the major corporate sponsors are lining up to sponsor our golden boy but whispers are being heard that there is some interest. It does make sense that the big bucks are being thrown at triple gold medal winner Stephanie Rice, but surely a good looking articulate champion underdog is appealing to a company with lots of cash?

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3 Responses to “Now you can lick Matthew!”

  1. 1 Bernd

    I don’t want to lick the back of is head

  2. 2 drew

    I think it’s more a matter that he wants to be known as the guy who won the Gold Medal rather than the gay guy who won the gold medal.

    Is it maybe that he is actually holding back to decide for himself? He may not actually want all the attention that goes with this…

  3. 3 DTNZ

    I would like to think Australia is more progressive than that.

    He is a role model full stop.

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