Next Saturday night some friends of mine are having a drag party and you can’t get in unless you dress up. I’m always up for a fancy dress party and think it’s going to be a great night. I’ve kinda gone all out for my ensemble. A friend is making me a totally wild outfit and I’ve just been to get a wig, fishnets, stick on nails and false eyelashes. This afternoon I’m hoping to sort out the shoes (the higher the heel the closer to god, right?) and on the evening of the party I’m getting my makeup done properly.

Not too long ago I saw a guy’s profile on a gay chat site that said “If you wear deep V-neck t-shirts or consider drag queens among your friends, then I’m not interested.” Well buddy, I think you need to get over your issues with being gay and just enjoy life however you see fit. Sure, I don’t understand the compulsion to go out in drag on a regular basis, but for a party and a great laugh, you can’t beat it. You get away with murder in fancy dress, you can be anyone you like and because you aren’t yourself you might let those inhibitions drop.

Next weekend I’ll introduce you to my drag persona, being unleased properly for the full time. She’s shocking and ferocious!