There’s a strange difference in viewpoints at play in the world that I don’t understand. A friend of mine has been trying to get pregnant for a couple of years now. She and her husband will make fantastic parents and I hope they fall pregnant soon.

The thing that struck me after hearing that they were still having trouble, was that everyone is so sympathetic and understanding about people’s natural desire to have a baby and raise the child to the best of their ability. Yet people like me that want a relationship while people understand to an extent, are told we are desperate and being silly. “It will happen” they say, and sure, it might but why is it any different to want loving companionship? To me, it’s another natural instinct. Sure, it might not perpetuate the species, but having someone to ride along the road of life is one of the best thing possible.

It seems especially strange to others if you are gay, at least to other gay men. People expect you to slut around or if you have a boyfriend, to keep playing outside the relationship or together. If not that, then become a serial dater, going from one guy to another for a month here, a couple of months there. That’s just not all of us. I’ll happily buy a two seater for that ride down the road of life.