Granted, I haven’t had much luck in the relationship department but when I have been dating or seeing someone, even back when it was girls, it seems to have been in the summer months. Almost like holiday flings.

As a natural born cuddler, it’s a strange contradiction that on the occasions where I’ve had someone there to cuddle all night, it’s been so warm that touching in anyway is almosts unbearable.

Why is it that I end up seeing people in summer? I know for one I feel sexier in summer. I’ve never been one to feel outrageously confident but when I’ve been lying in the sun, my skin is golden, my hair is a bit blonder, everyone is wearing less or hopefully nothing at all, it’s only natural that I feel more attractive. With that comes confidence and perhaps others pick up on that? There is something to be said for rampant summer sex where you end up all sweaty and breathless and then there’s the late night skinnydips at the beach.

Three days into Spring and I can’t wait to hit the beach. Any single Sydney boys wanna come down, hang out nude and say hi? ;)