A few years ago, when Blade 2 came out, I saw in the credits that Luke Goss was the actor playing the bad guy vampire. So I looked up online that it was the same Luke Goss. Now, I see he’s playing the evil dude in Hellboy 2. Luke was part of the twins-plus-one-boy-band called Bros. He and his twin brother Matt probably served to implant the hot idea of twins in my head. There were rumours everywhere about them being gay and getting it on together. They were part of the music by numbers 80’s era with big shoulder pads and cheesy lyrics that got us all hooked. See the video below for their biggest hit.
Luke has made a relatively successful career on the stage and big screen for himself and obviously decided that making himself unrecognisable as the baddie in supernatural sequels was the way to go. When he’s not covered in costume makeup he’s looking good I have to say. Definitely one of those guys where “character lines” are working well.