My flatmate and I had another one of our Thai take away and DVD nights last night. I went and collected dinner and chose the movies. We are always keen to give gay cinema a chance but it so routinely craps all over itself. Last night was no exception. I hired three DVD’s, two gay ones, one of those French, the other from the US. The French one was just a shambles. A guy comes out, then for some reason sleeps with his now ex-girlfriend, who then bitches that he doesn’t look at her the same way he look at the guys he shags. No shit sherlock! The U.S. movie was so filled with cliches it was ridiculous. The over-the-top party boy slut, the very earnest and quiet monogamous couple, who are so boring it hurts, the fag hag, the lying rent boy, and the serious colleague who tries to challenge everything the slut believes in. It’s so good that we are making such progress in our portrayals on film. No wonder we have right wing religious folks condemning us to hell… it’s actually because of our bad cinema.

The third movie was an Australian movie called Gabriel. About Arch Angels coming to earth to fight it out with the fallen dark angels. It tried to be the matrix. It tried to be underworld, it tried to be intellectual. It was none of those things. It did however have Andy Whitfield as Gabriel in the lead role. He was far from the worst actor in the movie and damn if he wasn’t hella pretty to look at. The former model was the best thing in the movie, but sadly that’s not saying much.

Update: Sorry Yani, good point. The French one was called “You’ll get over it” or something and yes he had a brother who was a boxer. The U.S. one was “Four letter word”. The only good thing about that one was seeing David from Someone in a Tree in the nude yoga scene.