Sportilicious – The greatest sportsman ever.

I’ll admit that when i first heard of Michael Phelps a few years back, my first impressions were cocky and arrogant. As Aussies, we are very protective of our swimmers and swimming, like all sports is full of good natured rivalry and a bit of sledging to throw the other team off. After seeing interviews with Phelps in the subsequent years and in the lead up to Beijing and now.. Read More

It’s time to vote!

After a week of taking nominations for the first ever Aussielicious Awards it’s time to vote for your hottest Aussie. The Anthony Callea fans drummed up business for him and are probably going to do it again for actual voting, so if you wanna see someone win, you’d better drum up support for them too! Left to right in the photos above we have Anthony Callea, Hugh Jackman, Gay Olympic.. Read More