I’m so sorry for the slackness in my postings for the last few days. Yesterday I left the house for work and went straight out to see “Dark Knight” after work and a meal and didn’t get home til midnight.

Work has been very busy this week, sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a less good way. I’ve been out and about all day today going here there and everywhere and I’m about to put clean sheets on my bed and go curl up for a night’s sleep. I promise to do better tomorrow.

Tomorrow… It’s going to be a tiring but fun day. It’s my niece’s 3rd birthday tomorrow and we are having a party and in the afternoon I’m taking my nephew to the movies to see Kung Fu Panda. I love having a niece and nephew. Not only do you get to share fun times with them, they are a great disguise when you want to go see a kids movie without looking odd.