Nude Olympians

It seems every four years we are flooded with images of nude Olympians. We had 3 successive special editions of Black & White Magazine years ago filled with nude Aussie athletes, now it looks like the Brits are at it. Of the few images I’ve seen, this one of Gregor Tait is my favourite. Maybe because I’ve grown up swimming and love the water, or because of the sheer dynamic nature of it. I wonder how many shots they had to take to get the timing so perfect?

4 Responses to “Nude Olympians”

  1. 1 David

    Can you provide a link to any sites where all the pictures are featured?

  2. 2 Tony (LT)

    Here in the US, people are too prudish to allow our Olympians to be nekkid.

  3. 3 Sue

    I love nude shots of athletes. This one is particularly stunning.

  4. 4 the flasher guy

    i love that! do you have more pics about nude athtlets? I don’t know the pics of the Aussies you are talking about! by the way, i remember that a couple of years ago i found a website full of images of naked athletes…unfortunately I haven’t saved the link and I cannot find it anymore..

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