Jay was kind enough to shoot this photo through for the public nudity challenge. He’s a San Fran native and goes for late night runs through the streets in just his highly reflective shoes. Jay says he’s advertised on Craiglist for nude running mates and has occasionally been joined by guys who like to bounce around with him, and apparently grab his arse while he runs.

I’ve met up a couple of times with a Sydney late night streaker and gone for a bit a streak. It’s definitely an intense experience. Unlike the guy that I’ve met up with, I didn’t find it that much of a turn on. Sure it was exciting and I’ll probably do it again, but he really gets off on the idea, to the point where he’s often pretty chubbed up while he runs. He’s gone for a mile or two with nothing to cover himself with in case he gets caught, across major roads and through parts of Sydney that don’t sleep. I admire his courage.

Does anyone else do this kind of thing? Tell me your stories! (click the photo to enlarge)