My weekend has been one of ups and downs. On Friday night my flatmate and I had a night on the lounge watching “Empire of the Sun” on DVD. Christian Bale was fantastic and the cinematography was beautiful.

Yesterday (saturday) I had some very average casual sex, which just goes to prove why I don’t bother most of the time. Sure there are urges but I really do prefer my shenanigans to have some emotional content. Pole class afterwards was great as we are learning a new routine for the show at Slide which is great and the costumes are stunning. A night out last night was fun and a laugh with some new friends.

Today I’ve had a lovely lunch in the park with other friends, but both yesterday in the evening and  again this afternoon I’ve had really bad headaches and I think I’m coming down with a pretty solid cold. So it’s a quiet night watching the first episode of “America’s Next Top Model”. We are at least two seasons behind the U.S. but I love watching the skinny 21 year olds get grumpy from hunger and tell each other they know everything about modelling and life, only to then prove how little they know.