I’ll take a squeeze of Lemons

It’s been some time since I featured the delicious perfection that is Nicholas Lemons. He is a captivating beauty with cheekbones so sharp they could cut through your defences in a heartbeat, but he’d make you feel better with one kiss of those pillowy lips and a look into those beautiful eyes. I love that he looks so clean cut your mother would love him, but then the tattoos give.. Read More

I think I’ve found it.

After the wardrobe malfunction fiasco that was my Tarzan Routine for aerials class I launched a search to find some music suitable for a routine. It had to be slower than the tarzan routine but still with moments of drama and variation. It’s been decidedly more difficult than I thought but I think I’m going to work up a routine to “Roxanne de Tango” from Moulin Rouge. This video has.. Read More

Spin with Toby?

I’m back from house and dog sitting from my sister and it’s a blessed relief to have access to all my own stuff and decent internet access again. In what’s looking like a bit of a video post kinda day here are two videos from those clever people at aussieBum who consistently put hot boys in very little. We like that. I don’t know who these models is in the.. Read More

So beautiful

Every time I see the videos and photos of the scenicboys I find myself with a dopey grin on my face. It’s rare in this world these days to see two people so happy and seemingly perfectly suited to one another. You can tell they just bounce off each other’s energy and enthusiasm and shared passions. Garet surprised Dusty with a week long trip to the Carribean to mark their.. Read More