I’ve just received to comments on my post about random groups of nude guys implying hypocrisy for not posting nude frontal shots of myself on here when I’m trying to promote nudity and acceptance.

I’ve long said on this blog that I won’t post frontal nudes on here of myself because friends and work colleagues read this blog from time to time and  it would make them very uncomfortable.

There is also a huge difference to hanging out naked and being seen naked with friends or on the nude beach or wherever and posting full frontals on the internet.  If you can’t understand the difference and my reasons for not doing it then I don’t know how to explain it to you to make it clear. If I ever have a photo taken that I’m really proud of or think is really good and you happen to be able to see my penis then I may post it but it’s unlikely. I also don’t want to give those select few people out there who in the past have found sport in abusing me, any more amunition to attack me for no reason.

I share quite a lot on this blog and sometimes wonder if that was a mistake because if you share a little, people expect even more. If I didn’t share personal stuff and post some photos of myself, this blog wouldn’t be what it has become and I don’t regret it but don’t have a go at me for sticking to my principles.