Desperate works both ways

In a desperate bid to keep some viewers Big Brother Australia is putting Pamela Anderson into the BB house tonight as an intruder for 3 days. She’ll be doing a calendar shoot with the housemates and various other bits and pieces. It remains to be seen whether she’ll actually be doing any of the housemates themselves. The cynic in me says she hasn’t got a lot going on at the.. Read More

Just because

It’s been another long day for me and I don’t have a lot of interesting stuff to say so I thought I’d post a beautiful picture of a situation I’d love to be in.

I’m not comfortable

Today was one of the coldest days for 2008 so far here in Sydney. Now by the standards of a lot of parts of the world it would be considered warm, but here a top temperature of 14 degrees celsius (57 farenheit) is considered bloody cold. Unlike the guy in this photo, I’m wearing way more than I would ideally like to. I’m such a summer kinda guy and the.. Read More