Aussiebum goes back to the 70’s

To go with my video theme for the day, check out this video from aussieBum for their 70’s range of swimwear. In my fantasy world, Andreas and Toby rip each other’s off and have their way with each other on the beach but, that’s just me.

What are you all doing?

I was in the shower this morning doing my usual saturday morning grooming routine, keeping the boys all smooth and I was wondering what the current genital grooming trends were at the moment? Personally I’m still all about keping the balls and crack smooth as possible and the bush trimmed. What else is going on out there? And are the girls still doing the brazilian thing? I found this video.. Read More

Just because

If people are going to put these things on youtube then who am I to not share them with you all? This guy is hot and has a great body that he obviously likes to show off! Yay to him, I say.

Frisky frolic naked vlog

The guys over at Frisky Frolic finally got around to taking the naked vlog challenge after I tagged them. They are a nice bunch of guys over there. Stop by and show em some love, and have a good perve at the same time.