Ajaxx63 knows HOT

Want a hot fashion shoot? Take one buff gorgeous model, put him in your clothing, but not much of it. Add some underwear or maybe not, then shred the shit out of whatever he’s wearing and get him sweaty. Take the photo. It’s really simple. These are some shots from the Spring campaign for Ajaxx63. Not sure who the model is but he’s welcome over at my place any time.

Oh My GOD!

The strength and balance of these two is just amazing. What a great show. For me, and I know it’s not practical in a performance, it would have made more sense with the gold body paint, if they had been totally nude. It would have given the impression of statues come to life a bit more reality. But that’s just me.

For good, mostly

Someone has spent quite a bit of time with photoshop with this image and done a very good job of it too. I often wonder what people look like under their clothes and think it would be cool to have x-ray vision sometimes. Yeah I know there would be all sorts of issues with invasion of privacy etc, not to mention all the dirty perves walking around with a hard.. Read More

World NEARLY naked bike ride?

Well from the flood of World naked bike ride pics that are coming into my email from various yahoo groups, I’m guessing the northern hemisphere had their turn just recently. Sadly here in Australia we can’t actually get entirely naked from what I understand, which kinda defeats the purpose. Australia’s not quite naked bike ride doesn’t quite have the same impact. I’d love to hear that I’m wrong on this.. Read More